Avengers Director Joe Russo Thinks Indie Movies Dont Have A Future In Theaters

Another bit of representation the film brings is having its first gay character on screen. No, I’m not counting Joe Russo’s one second, throw away comment in “Avengers: Endgame” as the first LGBT MCU character or even Loki’s throwaway comment in his Disney+ series. I’m talking about authentically showing a gay character in a main role like Brian Tyree Henry’s Phastos. He is shown with a husband and a son in such a loving light. It’s also not a trait that defines him throughout the film and he is given plenty to do beyond that one characteristic about him. He nor his husband (played by Haaz Sleiman, “The Visitor”) are depicted as stereotypes; they’re their own individual person. Coming from the studio that brings you the blink and you missed it lesbian kiss in the background of the most recent Star Wars film and the throw away line from the purple police officer in “Onward,” this bit of representation from a major studio production is great to see and only adds the film’s celebration of life and humanity.

Source : https://www.thecabin.net/news/eternals-is-a-beautiful-celebration-of-humanity-no-spoilers/article_86b88c27-b4c7-5cbb-912f-43d98a8fea0d.html

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